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You might not be aware that websites also need anti-virus and anti-malware apps to protect them. Exploits have caused websites to be hacked and private details leaked.

Now you are able to protect your website for a one time fee of USD$25 per website. VirusDie is a simple to use and secure app. If you get from the developer, you have to pay USD$15 per month per website. Engage us to secure your website for you at a one time fee of USD$25 per website. There are no other hidden costs.

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Virusdie helps webmasters to clean malware from their websites automatically, and to protect their websites from online threats, XSS attacks, and SQL injections. It also mitigates DoS attacks and protects their sites from suspicious activities.

Designed as a SaaS (software as a service) offering, Virusdie provides several website security tools built into a single web interface, including website antivirus, a website firewall, a built-in file manager editor, malicious code highlighting, and more. Virusdie both provides automatic tools as-is, depending on the plan you choose. Virusdie is not a CDN, and it doesn’t filter web traffic through Virusdie’s servers.

Virusdie connects to a user’s servers over HTTP/HTTPS using a unique sync file uploaded to the root directory of a user’s website. It lets us manage your website’s files in real time, right on your server, to save on bandwidth. The sync file enables us to provide website antivirus (automatic malware removal) and real-time file management to you. The sync file also enables us to upload special software to your websites (Virusdie Website Firewall, a web application firewall) to protect them from online threats and attacks in real time.

We use our own anti-malware database to provide you with comprehensive and accurate malware detection. This database is what we used to detect and remove malware (not just by deleting files, but also by removing malicious code fragments within files) from websites automatically and highly accurately. We aim to ensure that websites continue to work stably after automated cleanup.

How to sync your website to Virusdie?

No installation required! Just sync your website with Virusdie to get antivirus, a firewall, and other built-in, automated tools for the best website protection and malware removal possible.

Secure your website now with Virusdie by purchasing below.

Special promotion till 31st Aug 2020:
Enter “virusdie50” for 50% discount

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