Modula – Photo Gallery for WordPress

With Modula, the photo gallery for WordPress, adding galleries to your WordPress website has never been easier. Add galleries, masonry grids and more in just a few clicks. It is a popular WordPress image gallery plugin used by many photographers and those who like to showcase their pictures in various formats.

Current price at the developer’s website is $39 per year for a single website and at that price, they do not include a lot of important addons. To get the extra addons, you need to pay a minimum $69 per year per site.

Modula photo gallery plugin for WordPress is available here for a one time payment of $20 for a single site. There is no other hidden costs or subscription fee necessary. Buy it now by clicking on the button below!

Special promotion till 31st Aug 2020:
Enter “modula50” for 50% discount
Design Your Own Gallery Layouts
Take control of image size and choose which images stand out by dragging to resize images.
Social Media Sharing
Add social media sharing icons and integrate with Pinterest, Instagram and more.
Easily Preview Your Galleries
Easily preview your gallery within the WordPress admin area as you edit.
Powerful Extensions
Our premium extensions make it extremely easy to insert videos and make your galleries faster.
A User-Friendly Drag & Drop Builder
Easily create stunning photo and video galleries in just a few clicks.
Sort Galleries With Filters
Easily let website visitors sort through your gallery’s photos by adding filters.

Features available in the photo gallery plugin

  1. Albums – you can easily organize galleries in albums, select featured images, grid type, hover effect and much more.
  2. Video Gallery – adding videos from sources like YouTube and Vimeo along with self-hosted videos into a video gallery has never been easier.
  3. Lightbox Gallery – comes with 6 easy-to-use lightbox styles that seamlessly integrate with your galleries.
  4. GIF gallery – let your website’s visitors explore and share the best GIF galleries and most popular animated GIFs using Modula and its built-in social sharing functionality.
  5. Social Sharing – allow your website’s visitors to share your images via social media options.
  6. Modula Slider – display your galleries uniquely using the slider addon.
  7. Modula Slideshow – allows you to turn your gallery’s lightbox into a stunning slideshow. This allow your visitors view the entire gallery easily.
  8. Image Hover Effects – comes with 12 stunning and creative hover effects built in.
  9. Image Loaded Effects – comes with 4 cool image-entry animations.
  10. Deeplinking – easily create unique, indexable URLs for each image in your gallery.
  11. Filterable Gallery – easily add filters to your galleries to quickly sort through a larger collection of images.
  12. Custom Grids – you can freely resize images within your gallery’s container, controlling their heights, widths and aspect ratio.
  13. Margins Control – complete control over the size of the image margins of your galleries.
  14. Password Protected Galleries – protect private galleries with passwords to keep your pictures private.

How to purchase photo gallery for WordPress from WP Only?

We do not sell the plugin as we are not resellers. When you purchase it from us, we will help you install the plugin and activate the license. Or you can install the plugin first, then let us activate the license for you.

How long is the license for?

If you purchase from us, the license is valid for a lifetime. A lifetime here means as long as the company is still around and actively developing the plugin. There is no need for yearly subscription.

What’s the cost?

Modula – photo gallery for WordPress costs $20 per site installation and activation. There are no hidden costs thereafter.

How to purchase?

Click on “BUY NOW” button below. After payment, we will contact you within 24 hours to get the details of your website. You have to give us access to your WordPress site (with administrator rights) to install and activate the license for you. The admin access is only temporary, for the installation and license activation. You can remove our access once we are done.

Special promotion till 31st Aug 2020:
Enter “modula50” for 50% discount

Refund policy.

Because of the nature of the license (lifetime license) we will not be able to do a refund for you once it is activated. You can always install the free version first and if you are happy with it and want to upgrade, engage us to install the PRO version for you with a lifetime license. You should only purchase this if you agree with our non-refund policy.

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